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  2. I'll have to double check that and measure for clearance..
  3. Will that be enough though.. And won't too much of it hold moisture/condensation in, letting the exhaust rot/rust?
  4. We like taking our dogs out with us when we ride.. I had them in the bed and my wife has noticed how hot the bed floor and rubber mat gets from the exhaust pipe. Is there a way to cool the bottom of the bed short of running through 2' deep water?? It seems factory pipe insulation doesn't have enough pipe coverage..
  5. Do you have a link for the extender? Has it worked out ok for you?
  6. After turning 2 batteries to water over last winter, I found that my digital dash display is staying on with the key removed. I was originally thinking the issue originated from the ignition cylinder but I'm now thinking its the ECU controller box under the hood. One of the unserviceable relays is making a weird sound when I remove the key. I have both batteries up to full charge and discovered the display issue last week when I saw the lights on in the dark.. Do any of you have any input on this issue? Ignition or controller.. Any help before just ordering parts would be helpful The controll

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