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  1. I've been quoted £500 + vat for the rebuild of the motor I can get a new replacement for £200 granted it is a cheap replacement however it only runs for 8-16 hours a month so it makes sense at the moment to put a cheaper motor on it and hold onto the Siemens original until a rebuild is required
  2. As best I can tell the engine and gearbox/power train are a complete unit but everything is so buried on these there isn't much to see after looking at all the diagrams I can find I feel more at ease about removing the engine it's not that I'm not mechanically minded it's more of another long winded project I could have done without but I'll start to tackle it hopefully on Wednesday I have to source and replace the electric motor for my briquette machine before this it compresses saw dust into small logs for our heating boiler, there's always something 🤷😁
  3. Thanks Travis, I've spent the last few hours looking at all the schematics available about the strike to work out the easiest way to remove the engine without doing a major strip down, I think I have worked it out and I have a few days spare this week to pull it out, I agree with kenfain completely it would be a waste of money buying everything for the sake of something small but my fear is that once it's out and stripped I could be waiting week's for the parts, when you look at the position of these engines it's quite daunting to imagine having to remove one 🙈
  4. This is the only schematic I can find and it strangely only shows one needle bearing nothing in the side cases! The idea of buying everything is purely because of the time it takes to get the parts once the engine is out and stripped I would like to have it back together and back in as quickly as possible before my memory of taking it apart stars to fail 😊
  5. Thanks, there doesn't appear to be that much in the gearbox regarding parts so I'll contact the dealers tomorrow and find out how much for all of it and availability, if it's not rediculessly expensive I'll order it and replace it all at the same time, as you say the time is in getting the engine out, I just hadn't planned on having to do a major strip down so soon, my own fault I didn't drive the buggy the seller drove it around I stood and watched and you can only hear the noise while you're sat in it
  6. I'm afraid it will be some time in the distant future before I get around to this but when I do I will post as much as possible about it, back to the 4 zinger for the kids till then😊 although my 11 year old has informed me now she can drive she wants a range rover for her 17th birthday🤦😁
  7. Sounds like it internal, it only does it in low range it's fine in high range and reverse, there isn't much to look at in the parts diagram of the transmission but I'm guessing possibly a bent lay shaft maybe from being forced into low range from high whilst still moving, looks like engine out and a gearbox rebuild 🙈 Thanks again for your help David
  8. That's right no clutch on these CVT, just couldn't understand why it only does it in low range I'm not up on gearboxes but I'm assuming that the lay shafts spin individually hence only noisey in low range
  9. Thank you, I'll give that a try today, nothing appears to be easy on these utv's apart from putting fuel in and air in the tyres everything else seems to be a major strip down 🤦
  10. Hi, I've just acquired a used strike 250, 2015 model, I've noticed in low range it sounds like something is catching/rubbing it's not a constant noise more like something catching on a rotation however it's fine in high range, has anyone else encountered this issue and is it an easy ish fix? Thanks David
  11. That's great thank you John, Hisun UK just keep telling me there should be a dipstick 🤷 David
  12. Hi I'm also new to the site, I've just bought a used 2015 Strike 250 for my daughter's, I'm in the process of servicing it but have the same issue as Orebonder there doesn't appear to be a dipstick just a black cap, any help would appreciated Thanks David

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