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  1. Lol thanks for the response I bought the buggy after someone one removed the original pump and fp regulator I have found a usable pump now I just need a regulator maybe u can help me puck which shocks I need for the rear they are real bad I got it good enough to test drive the other day I couldn't even get to 4th before it wanted to fish tail
  2. Hey I finally found a joyner I could afford lol I just bought a 2008 joyner sand viper 800cc I like it but it needs work that's not the issue me being a mechanic issue is I can't seem to find the parts I need like everything else I've worked on I'm not even sure what would work so I need advice from some one who has been there for now the things I need the most are rear shocks , I need the upper and lower ball joints or Johnny joints whatever they are called and I'm sure this had a fuel pressure regulator before now it just has some random inline pump no filter runs good for 15 mins or so then

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