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  1. Joe, Hopefully you have saved others from the horrors of dealing with this type of company.
  2. Joe, I appreciate the post. The thought of that just keeps me laughing. Take care and please be safe.
  3. T-boss 410 Thanks so much for your efforts. I do appreciate all of your ideas. Appears I went through the same thought process. Since it was a transaction that took place across state line, I thought the Federal Trade Commission would certainly have the power to do something. Another complete WASTE of my time. I've come to accept that I will not get any money from them. I just took the time to post here to hopefully help others see how I was treated. The prices on their units out on ebay look attractive. BUT even though the ads stated 180 warranty for parts, I WOULD CERTAINLY NOT TRUST THEM TO STAND BEHIND ANYTHING. And yes that is the Warrior 700 that I purchased. I had never seen one like it before. All of the others that I had seen were either tan or what I call zebra black and white. This one could be a one-of-a-kind paint job done to look like a small Army jeep for advertising. That part I felt was cool. All the best.
  4. T-boss 410 That's what I thought also. I turned them into Keith Ellison [Minnesota Attorney General]. I don't have that case number in front of me at the moment. He sent 3 letters to MassimoMotor. There was no response to any of them. I then turned them into Ken Paxton [Texas Attorney General Complaint No: CGS-252348]. Again, no response. Then the Better Business Bureau [case # 91532456]. Finally a response [albeit absolutely PATHETIC; not to mention in my opinion an outright lie]. The response was "I am sorry but our ebay listings are used or demo units that are sold as is with no warrantee assumed or implied". Even though I attached a copy of the listing stating very clearly "Warrantee 180 days warranty for parts". Anyone can search their current listing. Last time I checked they had 14 ATVs/UTVs listed on ebay. Every single one of them still had this same statement of 180 days warrenty for parts. I reported this back to the BBB. Nreponse back from them either. Another USELESS organization. Below is the one to Ken Paxton [Texas Attorney General: I removed reference to my specific name and address and highlighted some areas I found of interest. May 1, 2020 Re: Massimo Motor Complaint No: CGS-252348 Dear xxxxxxx: Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding a possible violation of consumer protection laws. Consumer complaints help us monitor trends and assist in determining enforcement priorities as we work to protect Texans from deceptive business practices. We will review the information that you have provided, and will contact you if we need additional information. Otherwise, you will not receive further communication from this office regarding your complaint. We do not represent individuals in personal civil matters, and thus cannot take direct action on every complaint. Your information will be kept in our files to be used to help us monitor trends in business practices and determine priorities in our enforcement efforts. In matters of statewide significance, or when substantive evidence indicates that a person or business is engaging in widespread violations of Texas law, the Attorney General may take action on behalf of the collective legal interests of the people of this state. We appreciate your time and interest in preventing consumer law violations and in protecting Texas consumers. We rely on citizens like you to help us enforce the Deceptive Trade Practices Act and other consumer protection laws. Consumer Protection Division Office of the Attorney General
  5. Chuck_13, Thanks for the comments. I didn't think the price was unreasonable at all. Well, as long as nothing major goes out. Periodically, it stops running for no reason and then does not start easily. Based upon my experience though, I have no faith in anything that was portrayed in the listing. For example, that it only had 77 miles on it. After all, there were around a dozen photos showing it had a windshield. And yet it was NOT sent with one. It was portrayed as everything working and that it would be "checked out" before shipping, yet many things were not operation. And seriously, how difficult is it tell lights, horns and parking brake do not work. I was assured it would be held until I let them know when to ship it to Missouri. Then late one evening I got a call from the shipper saying "it's on it's way to be delivered to Minnesota tomorrow". There are a lot of posts on here discussing the quality and value [or lack there of] of their products. I was really posting to let people see an example of their Service [how I was treated after the sale]. Any company can treat people well when things go well. In my opinion, it is when things do not go well that shows people's true character. Others can decide if this is the type of company they want to deal with. I personally will never deal with them again.
  6. I've found the BBB and Attorney Generals to be absolutely worthless in my opinion. Neither organization appears to have any power [or at least willingness] to do anything other than send businesses a letter.
  7. T-boss 410, Thanks for the comments. Glad things worked out. Lucky you. I've dealt with Brandon also. I found him to be very professional, knowledgeable and helpful.
  8. ABSOLUTELY THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!! I purchased a Massimo Motors Warrior 700 UTV directly through the company. This unit was listed for sale on Ebay as a company demo with only 77 miles. Prior to bidding on the item, I messaged them through EBay and asked if there was "anything wrong with it and if everything worked properly". I was assured in writing that everything on the UTV was operational AND that it would be inspected before shipping. I also called the number that was in the EBay listing to verify that everything was operational and to make sure the item could be delivered to my land in Missouri. I made it VERY clear that I was not interested in bidding on the item if those two things were not acceptable. I was assured over the phone that everything was operational, that it would be inspected prior to shipping and that delivery to my land in Missouri was perfectly fine. It was not delivered to the address agreed to by their contact listed in the EBay listing. And when it was received, there were multiple items that were not operational. Items that were defective when it arrived include a headlight, a backup light, both horns, the horn wiring and the parking brake. They refused to even supply me with replacements for all the defective parts. In response to the BBB, Dave said it was sold without a warrantee. The listing very clearly stated 180 day warrantee for parts. In addition, the windshield that was clearly shown on many photos on the listing was not delivered with the UTV. That's correct...THEY STOLE THE WINDSHIELD before shipping the unit to me. The first representative from Massimo Motors told me multiple times that “the company will make things right for me”. He did supply me with a couple parts; which I installed myself. Later, he told me that he is no longer with the company. Dave, the new contact never offered any reasonable solution to any of the remaining issues. His solution to STEALING THE WINDSHIELD was for me to fabricate one myself. Unbelievable experience. See files attached. Hope this helps others from making a BIG MISTAKE. See photos attached for proof. If this help, please let my “buddy” at Massimo know why you aren’t buying one. Here’s his info: [email protected]

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