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  1. Farm man

    Farm man

  2. Thank you! I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow. I hope it’s nothing but if the flywheel doesn’t move it’s got to be something else I’m hoping it just the fly wheel thank you for your support and knowledge
  3. @kenfain no there has been no damage I don’t know how to check flywheel without taking the plastic shroud off do you other than going in the starter hole
  4. The starter just doesn’t turn the fly wheel?.
  5. Okay y’all I have checked the starter new one and the old one both work I found a online video showed me how to test. There both find I get 12 volts with the key on through the cables still won’t turn over any suggestions
  6. Thank you I plan on working on it today I will perform voltage test and inspect cables
  7. I have a hisun 700 I went out to start it one morning and it made a clunk then nothing I am mechanical inclined so I start trying to figure things out. I narrowed it down to starter. I changed it out with a brand new starter it made a grinding sound then nothing please advise me as I’m a old points and spark plug kind of guy not much experience with utv point me in the right direction don’t want to start tearing things down that don’t help??

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