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  2. Thank you for this info...it really helped me out.
  3. totally get what you mean regarding the confusion of when and what oil to use. I saw in videos one thing in service manual another. Even the amount of oil differed between videos and manuals. Luckily I changed my oil at 25 miles after break in. I put Castrol 10w-40 in. It took .34 gallons or 1.36 quarts and it filled it right to the top dot/mark on the dipstick. Yes you need ramps or a lift to get to the drain plug and I find it funny that to fill you need to take out the dipstick assembly. A neighbor had a vac pump to suck out oil. That helped out a lot. Thanks for heads up on the gear oil
  4. [email protected] Looking for a service manual for a Massimo Buck 400. Any help would be gretaty appreciated
  5. is castrol synthetic blend 10w40 good to use?
  6. Thank you for this info...it really helped me out.
  7. [email protected] thank you any help.is greatly appreciated
  8. Isn't the oil fill to left of dip stick and below the exhaust pipe....My question is where is the air filter and how do I get to it?

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