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  2. I found a filter wrench that is like a socket and it fit over the end of the filter. I then just put a 3/8" ratchet wrench on it and it came off very easily, which I was pretty surprised. I agree with the accelerated oil change interval, especially during earlier periods. I use Royal Purple in all my vehicles and have had great luck. I too have used Blackstone, and think I will send in a sample at next oil change. Mine is also a 2019 purchased from Tractor Supply. Shifting can be tricky some times but I believe I can do some adjusting on the linkages and remedy that. Can't figure out why
  3. Installed the injector serviced by InjectorRx today and the engine ran better than it ever has. Proof will be in a sustained improvement but initial results are great. Planning to bring the injector I removed to them for servicing to have a spare
  4. Thanks !! good stuff for sure
  5. Got the injectors back today. They found the original injector (one it came with) to be bad and not serviceable. The replacement injector I had purchased off eBay, but not from Motorcycle Dr as I originally thought, was found with a Fair spray pattern and after cleaning it was upgraded to Good. Static Flow increased from 280 to 292 after cleaning.... (not sure what the 280 or 292 value measurement is). Attached is the report they provide when the work is completed. Another note worthy detail is they do not charge for testing an injector that is found to be bad. All, in all I think the $18 + t
  6. I’ve purchased several items from Motorcycle Dr. and have had no issues. I’ve also called with questions and they have been very helpful.
  7. They are in Houston (actually I think Sugarland). I’ve used them to test/clean the injectors for my Yamaha outboard. Will definitely give update after I pick them up next week. www.injectorrx.com
  8. How many of you have replaced the injector on your Hisun ? Where did you purchase your replacement injector from ? I've replaced my injector twice. Replaced the original with an injector I purchased on eBay (from Dr Motorcycle I think), and then found one on Amazon. Yesterday I dropped both injectors that had been replaced at an Injector Cleaning shop. They will test them to see how they were performing before doing anything, then, clean, replace the basket on inlet and both orings then run another test. The cost is $18/injector. I'm anxious to see the results.
  9. Good luck on trying a different place. I purchased mine from original owner and according to their warranty period, it should be still covered, but when I spoke with Jess at Coleman was giving her my info and informed her that I did not know the purchase date and why, she said they "didn't cover used units" ????? She was happy to give me names of shops near me but that was about it. From some responses on another thread I posted, it sounds like the service shops are trying to figure out (aka learn) how to work on these things themselves.
  10. Hi Bret4207 sorry to hear about the issues. One thing that causes rough running is the seat belt not being fastened. Thought I would through that out just in case. I use a seat belt blank purchased off Amazon. Mine was running rough one day and I removed it and buckled seat belt and it ran better ??
  11. Fortunately, I have a gas station a few miles from house that sells no-ethenol fuel and I run nothing but premium in all my vehicles. I have the two injectors I replaced and plan to bring to the guy that cleans and tests my injectors for my Yamaha outboard. He provides a graph chart on the testing each time. It may be that we just have to keep a stock of injectors handy
  12. Hi Randy, I'm interested primarily to have a way to identify problems and ensure I maintain it in tiptop condition. It is a 2019 that I purchased back in August and had 45 hrs run time. About a month after purchasing it, it was running rough. I have replaced the fuel injector, put an inline fuel filter and new spark plug all of which made a huge difference. It then began to run rough again so I replaced the injector. Ran good, then starting doing it again. I noticed that it was doing this when fuel level was low so last weekend, I cleaned out the fuel tank and checked the fuel pump scre
  13. Thanks for the Video Ridge Runner. I haven't looked to see if I have that connector yet, but from some of the responses, it is most likely that I do not. There is a code reader that is mentioned in the owners manual (will have to go back now as I can't remember name) but I've not been able to find anything on it.
  14. Howdy Everyone, New member looking forward to learning and sharing more about UTVs. I have a 2019 Coleman Outfitter with the Hisun 550 engine. Does anyone know what Code Scanner will work with it ?

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