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  1. What motor is in your Q-link? Seeing some of these online but cant figure out who builds the motor?
  2. Just curious, but is Q-link still in business? I just heard they were done. Filed for BK and the whole nine yards!?
  3. I would say you could answer the quality question better than anyone by owning one. The problem with being badged under a wholesaler is longevity. It is very difficult to build a brand selling someone else's machine with your name on it, when there could be one right next to yours on a showroom floor that is the exact same machine with a different label. The only way to set one apart from the other is price! Good for the consumer at first, but horrible for the industry! Cheaper and cheaper the pricepoint goes and so does the quality and reliability. A few years down the road there will b
  4. The problem with Qlink is that they do not own any of there design. There are about three companies that buy these UTV's from a wholesaler and put thier badge on that particular UTV.
  5. I have heard many different opinions about the up and coming brand. Im wandering if anyone has driven one of these or has seen one in action. With some of the parts they are putting on thier sxs's i.e. Fox high end shox, Weber motors etc. I would have to think there is a general interest to most of the consumers of UTV's?

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