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  1. Thank you Fib103182, I will look into that this evening. I pulled the injector again and tried to test it but could not keep the feeder line seated well enough with my hand so that fuel did not leak out. I was also told to inspect the exhaust system so I pulled the header pipe and the muffler but all seems well. I figure your right after doing so much with the fuel system it has to be something electric. I really appreciate the advice I will let you know how it goes.
  2. I am having a similar issue with my Hisun 700 it boggs out to almost the point of dying then it recovers then it boggs and has trouble idling. I have cleaned the fuel system and tank and replaced the fuel injector I put an inline filter on it and a new coil wire. Also the plug is really wet when it dies and willl not start back up. It will also smoke a little out of the exhaust. Where should I look at next? the fuel pump seems to be working ok as the see thru fuel filter stays full of fuel. Any help or suggestions would be really really appreciated.
  3. The machine will not idle. I have to hold the gas pedal down for it to start. If I do get it in drive I can be going at full throttle and it will bogg all the way down almost to the point of dying and then it will recover and the do it again over and over. If i stop and take my foot off of the gas it dies. Common problem? Suggestions?

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