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  1. Hey im back, with my diff i found that the spring that moves the fork back when not in use dosent let the slide collar slide all the what or should i say the half way were needs to be when locker engaged, this causes the gear in the axle to grind about 1/8 of the gear till wont engage the locker, the axle gear can be put in any direction so u can flip it like i did mine and ull n be fine, check for that and measure the travel of the fork so the slide will be half and half, i cutted that spring and works everytime, when the bloddy cable is not frozen or zeized!!!!!! need electric actuators
  2. thanks guys for the warm welcome, i have fill my profile so hope i did it right. i like to pick ur guys brains cause there is lots of knowledge that i like to absorb. so romoc u made ur oun turbo system no? im pretty sure u have done all the upgrades to make the computer compensate for the extra air u getting into the cilinders, but have u and Lenny thought on changing injectors? i was wondering if anyone know the rate on the trooper injectors? i think if im right by the engine size and the max rpm we could have 180cc/min injectors, and i believe they r bosch stile wire plug, so like i
  3. hi Romoc, ill check the system from silverbullet as my past experience with lockers and hidraulic sterring hasnt be pleasant, i had an 92 landcruiser that i adapted a cummings 5.9 to and did an airbag suspension on it, so added lockers and when locked all around with traction in all wheels would blow the power steering pump out, a friend of mine has the hidraulic set up on his trooper and u cant feel how hard u r steering when locked all around so he has gone thru 2 front diffs so ill stick with the asist as i think o can feel when u over steering with the lockers on. thanks for the links.
  4. hi everyone, after 3 long nights or reading every post and reply in the forum i decided to join to share some ideas and some advise. sims to be that kinarfi, lenny and rocmoc are the ones that joyner should of have on the r&d department, u guys dont know or should i say know to well how hard is to fing info on this troopers, thats why u guys started the forum, thanks for that. k ive been reading all the posts, u guys talk bout engine swap, rotation of the motor is never a problem, if it goes the wrong way just turn ur difs upside down and done, im sure lenny can figure out how to mac

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