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  1. Hey im back, with my diff i found that the spring that moves the fork back when not in use dosent let the slide collar slide all the what or should i say the half way were needs to be when locker engaged, this causes the gear in the axle to grind about 1/8 of the gear till wont engage the locker, the axle gear can be put in any direction so u can flip it like i did mine and ull n be fine, check for that and measure the travel of the fork so the slide will be half and half, i cutted that spring and works everytime, when the bloddy cable is not frozen or zeized!!!!!! need electric actuators, after i finish the major build up. hope this helps
  2. thanks guys for the warm welcome, i have fill my profile so hope i did it right. i like to pick ur guys brains cause there is lots of knowledge that i like to absorb. so romoc u made ur oun turbo system no? im pretty sure u have done all the upgrades to make the computer compensate for the extra air u getting into the cilinders, but have u and Lenny thought on changing injectors? i was wondering if anyone know the rate on the trooper injectors? i think if im right by the engine size and the max rpm we could have 180cc/min injectors, and i believe they r bosch stile wire plug, so like i sayed before lets find an stand alone engine management system and lets start adding more air and fuel to this engine, i pulled out my books out and made some numbers and if u chosen the right turbo, and hoping that injectors are actually 180cc/min then maxed out at 80% duty cycle on the injectors u should be running arounf 140hp. now, lets install bosch 370cc/min injectors, thats 10cc/min more than double but i have runn them before and they have good atomization at low rpm not like big 880cc/min injectors. anyways do u know what turbine a/r and what compressor a/r u have on ur turbo? im pretty sure u have checked the cfm for the turbo u should be close, what kind of psi are u running on ur set up? if thsomeone is telling u that togo higher psi u need race fuel they r right in one way u need to slow down the burn in the combustion chamber to avoid detonation but the way i have done it is retard the timing 1 or 2 degrees and add more fuel so the exaust temperature gasses come down from melting point, we cant do this on r factory ecm, so like Lenny maybe u guys can figure out all the parameters for a stand alone ecm system. i have done it with my 300zx twin turbo and when i sold it the guy that bought it had a 700hp one and he told me that he never seen an stock 300zx twin turbo break loose in 3rd gear, i had an stock engine, injectors and turbos just the right add ons and the right program on the eprom in the computer, at that time there wasnt a stand alone system that would controll camshaft timing so i stook with the nissan computer so the cam timing would be taken care of. the car was stock 300bhp and by my numbers i was running 350 at the wheels, i learned a lot there about tunning what u have to get the extra 10% that everyone else miss cause they just bolt on parts and dont tune them to work together. like i sayed before, dont get me wrong i just want to share what i know and learn from what u guys know, is all food for thought and please dont take me the wrong way, just like to put that bug in your brain that will make u find the power that u desire. Lenny: just wanted to mention, vw jetta tdi 2.0 with 6 speed manual. horse power little better than chery and parts are ready available for them. again food for thought. anyways ill live it here, im tired and have to wake up in 3 hours, by the way the fender extensions that u guys mentioned i one of the posts u can get them here, they called puck board and it comes in a 4x8 sheet like plywood, thats what vthey cover the walls on a hockey ring with and comes white or black, in 3/16, 1/4 and 1/2 inch thikness, very versatile and very moldeable wuth hear. again food for thought fie body parts and 1/2 inch for full skid plate, night. Alex
  3. hi Romoc, ill check the system from silverbullet as my past experience with lockers and hidraulic sterring hasnt be pleasant, i had an 92 landcruiser that i adapted a cummings 5.9 to and did an airbag suspension on it, so added lockers and when locked all around with traction in all wheels would blow the power steering pump out, a friend of mine has the hidraulic set up on his trooper and u cant feel how hard u r steering when locked all around so he has gone thru 2 front diffs so ill stick with the asist as i think o can feel when u over steering with the lockers on. thanks for the links. now does anyone has invented an electric locker actuator for the trooper? ive been looking at the artic cat prowler one and trying to figure how to make it wrk/ how to atached to the diff itself, im tired of adjusting the cables specialy the rear one. thanks
  4. hi everyone, after 3 long nights or reading every post and reply in the forum i decided to join to share some ideas and some advise. sims to be that kinarfi, lenny and rocmoc are the ones that joyner should of have on the r&d department, u guys dont know or should i say know to well how hard is to fing info on this troopers, thats why u guys started the forum, thanks for that. k ive been reading all the posts, u guys talk bout engine swap, rotation of the motor is never a problem, if it goes the wrong way just turn ur difs upside down and done, im sure lenny can figure out how to machine new drain and levelplugs, plus now u can fill from the top. anyways just being a smart ass. why dont anyone has done a turbo set up with and stand alone user friendly engine management system? way easyer to set up and if u find the right one u might be able to use all ur sensors. ( www.sdsefi.com ) the lightest engine transmission ive found is an nissan sr20det this is an 2000cc engine making uo to 230hp out the car, u can get the front clip of a 90/93 pulsar gtir thats the car cutted in half u get the front half , all of it, noe thats an all wheel drive trans, ranges from 2000$ to about 3500 depends on the condition, u get everything, imagine going outside and cut ur car in half and put the front on a shipping crate. k nissan is an very interchangeable company, that motor will fit any transmission that has the bolt patern of an sr20 engine model so in the united states nissan came out with an pulsar nx2000, with an automatic transmission and a sr20de engine, whats missing? the t at the ed of the engine model that stands for turbo, the sr20 engine is extremly popular for engine swap cause the easy of upgrades to make lots of power. anyways food for thoughts trooper with an automatic trans and available 300 horses?? dream come true if u ask me. ill be doing more research and probably will do this swap. i see u guys have been looking at chery transmissions, dont forget to look at the maximum imput hp/kw/ps on the trans, u guys are running turbos and superchargers so trans might not hold up. thanks millions for the info on the shocks ad spring rates, sway away .com has a spring rate calculator, for future references,, just put all ur info and get the rates for dual and tripe rate set up, i just ordered a set of 10 inchtravel rear piggyback shocks from eshocs.com and a set of 8 inch for the front. i know u guys will tell me that rears are to long but is all in the way and angle u mount the shock, the shocs are sway away racerunners and they use them in baja trucks so see how they wrk on the trooper. and they have 6 inch ones too by the way: any word on the steering assist setup u guys are building? need one!!!!!!! i read that someone was going to try two head gaskets to bring the compression ratio down, i think it was lenny, is there anyone or company that will make u a gasket from scratch just by giving themur old one? in the old country we had gasket makers and they would build them out of copper and the thickness u needed, somethimg else to think about. any ways is been nice to read all the info and will be used on my trooper, i have 1100 miles of unbelievable absolute abuse on mine and i have no complains other than every bolt and nut has loosen up and rattles like a gypsy wagon, now is time to do a complete tear down and fix all the problems. thanks again and ill post some pics of the mods and how they were done. thanks a lot for all the info!!!!! Alex.

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