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    Hello , just wanted to stop in and say hello being im new to this forum , we have a mule 2500, and a club car xrt 1550 intellitach 4x4, hate the mule but love the club car best money ive ever spent on a utv.
  2. I would not consider a mule for all those applications, well i might consider it if its diesel. ive had 2 and neither were diesel and i have to buy a new motor every two years and all it does is pick up golf balls and haul sand occasionally not to mention coolant issues and fuel pump problems and the centrifugal clutch issues rear bearings , to me its just not a smart buy. now with that being said with what you want to do i would consider a Club Car 1550 with intellitach diesel 4x4, ive had mine for two years and the only thing that has gone wrong is the parking brake pedal assembly is kind c
  3. Look into the club car XRT 1550 , we own one and it the most durable thing we have ever owned, it will tow what ever you want, go where ever , its pricey but worth every penny , i have the intellitach version with the kubota desiel full time 4x4.

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