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  1. Thankyou, I hope your right, I sure like my Trooper . seems like it was built for the terrain we have out here in BC Canada.
  2. Does anyone know how many Troopers are out there?, I ask because if there are significant #s than maybe we will se the return of Joyner in N.America. I wrote the factory last week asking them if they had any plans of coming back to N.A. I have not recievied a response yet. I sure like the Trooper but I would think it won't be to long before critical parts will not be available anymore. Secondly, does anyone have a simple test to confirm if the Diff upgrade was done in a Trooper? I have the 09 but it still has the Electric 4X4 shift and when I put it up on blocks all the wheels can move back and forth 4 to 5 inches (slack) the rear being the higher number (5 inches slack approx_ Thanks BC Trooper
  3. "Removed by mod. Please send a PM. Not safe to post personal info on an open forum. Sorry!" Paul
  4. Hi Snowbird. I to am fro, BC and it seems like these Troopers were built for our area in mind, I have been having a lot of fum with it and she's been working fine, the only problem I hav had so far was it started missing after repeated soakings and after driving in approx 8 to 12 inches of snow all day my motor comparment got packed with snow and my throttle got stuck open, that was interesting, cleaned it out and finished the day. Being winter I hav not had any heat problems yet, I have seen the pics of guys that have moved their rads up but I don't like how that looks, I am wondering if anyone has plumbed in a smaller secondary rad and had sucess in this area regarding the running hot problem. Also I my Trooper is a 09 but still has the solenoid 4X4 shift, I am trying to figure out if the rear and front diff upgrade was done by Joyner I jacked it up with all four tires in the air and I can move any tire back and forth approx 4 to 6 inches (Free Play) does any know if this seems right or is it excessive Thanks BC Trooper
  5. I just bought a 09 Trooper and I am bringing it from California up to British Columbia Canada, I now realize that there is no longer a Joyner Supply of new parts so I am wondering what I should/can do to to avoid known problems and to prevent new ones. I have followed Rocmocs and others posts and here is what I have got so far, please corrent if I am wrong. 1) Upgrade the front and rear diffs with a $100.00 each kit(I have seen on ebay) that supplies , shims, circlip and some new bolts as well as instrcutions on how to properly align the diff gears. 2) Water proof all the electrical connections and carefully go over the wiring to address areas where "Wire Rub" occurs. 3) Weld some type of support bracket to the Rear End? 4) Change out as many Nut and Bolts as possible to higher grade with locking nuts or washers. 5) Change stock Air Cleaner to K&N type. 6) Change out all fluids to synthetic, ie change Tranny from 90w to synthetic 75w/90, especially in colder climates 7) Some kind of issue with the cables , crimps pulling off? what can be done about this? 8) Upgrade 2wd/4wd switch from electric solenoid type to mechanical 9) Check ATV frequently for any bolts/nuts loosening up. 10) ?? Thanx Hopefully an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to these rather cool looking Trooper UTvS.

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