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  1. Thankyou, I hope your right, I sure like my Trooper . seems like it was built for the terrain we have out here in BC Canada.
  2. Does anyone know how many Troopers are out there?, I ask because if there are significant #s than maybe we will se the return of Joyner in N.America. I wrote the factory last week asking them if they had any plans of coming back to N.A. I have not recievied a response yet. I sure like the Trooper but I would think it won't be to long before critical parts will not be available anymore. Secondly, does anyone have a simple test to confirm if the Diff upgrade was done in a Trooper? I have the 09 but it still has the Electric 4X4 shift and when I put it up on blocks all the wheels can move
  3. "Removed by mod. Please send a PM. Not safe to post personal info on an open forum. Sorry!" Paul
  4. Hi Snowbird. I to am fro, BC and it seems like these Troopers were built for our area in mind, I have been having a lot of fum with it and she's been working fine, the only problem I hav had so far was it started missing after repeated soakings and after driving in approx 8 to 12 inches of snow all day my motor comparment got packed with snow and my throttle got stuck open, that was interesting, cleaned it out and finished the day. Being winter I hav not had any heat problems yet, I have seen the pics of guys that have moved their rads up but I don't like how that looks, I am wondering if an
  5. I just bought a 09 Trooper and I am bringing it from California up to British Columbia Canada, I now realize that there is no longer a Joyner Supply of new parts so I am wondering what I should/can do to to avoid known problems and to prevent new ones. I have followed Rocmocs and others posts and here is what I have got so far, please corrent if I am wrong. 1) Upgrade the front and rear diffs with a $100.00 each kit(I have seen on ebay) that supplies , shims, circlip and some new bolts as well as instrcutions on how to properly align the diff gears. 2) Water proof all the electrical conne

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