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  1. I'm looking for a couple rear lights for Trooper T2 and would be interested in rear fenders(green if possible) .....anybody???
  2. I listed it on craigslist here,locally.Got a few inquiries, but a lot of BS so far. That site is ok, but the spam,scam and idiot factor is a little over the top.
  3. Ric Here are pics I took today.Also some of the extras(not inc set of barely used tires w/black stock rims) There is an extra winch,ball joints ,set of new brakes, adj steering box w/dirt boots, etc,etc.... Anyway you know more about all this stuff then I. I was amazed at what you could see from just a few older pics. Stuff I hadn't even seen in person! Anyway, here she is!
  4. I bought it from a guy in Vero Beach, and those are his pics.They are the pics he used to sell it to me when it had 14 miles on it.I'll get some current photos up and I'll get all the other stuff together and snap a couple pics.I'll also find out what the older tires were and what the new ones are.Check back in a day or two, like I said I don't get much done very quick these days!
  5. Ric, Here are 2 pics I had taken before I put on the aluminum shinies and new tires. I'll update the pics and post in a few days. I see the same rig sold at nolimits for $7495 without all the stuff I'm throwing in, so hopefully 6K works for someone who wants a dam near new T2! Hate to sell but situations are pretty serious for me. I had a 2008 Commando for a while which was great, but it wasn't any Trooper! LOL.Thanks for the tips on posting pics!
  6. How do you go about posting photos here? Be glad to show it off,it's perfect and with the new aluminum rims it looks killer.Give me some info on how and where to post pics and I'll get em right up tomorrow(Sunday)
  7. I would like 6K but would probably settle for a little less if someone has to ship it.Like I said,I only have 200 miles on it! Actually a lil less. I thought Joyner was going out and thought maybe I would store it and baby it, and it might become a collectors item. I'm glad they didn't go down though, the Trooper is an awesome little machine. Like you guys know, everyone has to stop you and ask all about it everytime you take them out. Unfortunately, there isn't any terrain close by that can challenge it's abilities here in Florida.
  8. all kinds of stuff,but I need to use them to sweeten the deal to a buyer,or use as neg. Know what I mean?If by chance I sell and parts aren't included,I'll offer em up to you guys here first.
  9. Hey guys! New to this forum.Have to thank Rocmoc for info in the past and for turning me on to this site!Got some bad news for me,but maybe good for you or someone you know. I ended up buying a gorgeous Trooper T2 back a couple years ago.(camo green color) It is a 2008 that got all the upgrades before Joyner went down the 1st time.Mine still only has 200 miles on it. I have been diagnosed with a debilitating disease and just don't get to use it, although I love it! I'm at the point of having to sell it along with all the stuff I bought for it when I thought Joyner wasn't coming back.If

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