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  2. Mudslinger


    its called puck board. very easy to mold and shape. it does mark but is very strong.
  3. This guy had some great ideas, but managed to rip me off when he sent me one of his complete kits including both manifolds. The only thing I would use these manifolds for are boat anchors, so don't be surprised his phone number doesn't work any more.
  4. I have seen this problem many times, and it is usually dust and dirt built up in side the pressure plate. The bell housing is not sealed and allows dust in . Try removing the inspection plate and the crank sensor, then use compressed air to blow out the bell housing and clutch threw the crank sensor hole. If that doesn't work, you well probably have to remove the plate to clean it, and in my experience you are best off to replace it. The diaphragm spring usually starts to flex in the wrong spot and does not disengage the clutch disc.
  5. Mudslinger

    Assorted Accessories

    All accessories created and installed at Mudslinger Motorsports. Check out our office chair.
  6. Mudslinger

    Customized Renegades

    Bumpers, light bars, rear cages, etc.
  7. Mudslinger

    Custom Trooper fenders

    Designed and created in-house at Mudslinger Motorsports.
  8. Mudslinger

    2010 Trooper

    The only 2010 Trooper in North America. Modified and sold by Mudslinger Motorsports.
  9. Hi Rick. Here's some pictures of the Manifold. Karen
  10. rocmoc is correct, a lot of street bikes use the same shims. you would be looking for 25mm shims. The problem i found is that the thickness increments from the bike shops were to big. I had just enough of the right shims that I needed after going threw 3 different heads. If you can figure out what shims you are going to need, i may be able to help. don't pull all your hair out doing all the math. : : :wacko and make lots of notes. YOU well get threw it
  11. Hi Rick. I tried to send you a PM, but the computer said you couldn't accept anymore messages. Shipping by mail would be approximately $30. If you are interested I will need more information. Trevor
  12. Hay guys just did the same job on an 800cc eng. It had badly worn rings,the intake valves were all tight and the exaust were all loose. had to ajust them all. thank goodness i had spare parts. ended up with 150psi on all cyls, and it runs like new. The cause of all of this was the very poor quality original air filter. Make sure you have a good filter. The amount of dirt inside this eng was crazy.
  13. I think the regular retail was 160, how does 80$ sound?
  14. Checked the shelf and found 3 cast manifolds.If anyone wants one,let me know.
  15. Hi guys I may have 1 or 2 of the original 1100cc manifolds (cast). I will check my stock tomorow and find a prise.

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