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Intakes and Turbo Kits are 100% Ready!!


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We have a few intakes and Turbo kits on the shelf and ready to go!

Intake $450

Turbo Kit without intake $1995.00

Turbo Kit with intake $2300.00

We will sell the Turbo manifold only on request and we are not and will not use the Cheap Chinese turbo's at all, the turbo provided in our kit is a Garrett GT-12. we have used the cheap one from ebay (which is from CX Racing) and had three of them blow up in under ten hours! and i know it seems at only $200 bucks each, just buy another one... what most people dont think about is when that turbo blows up all of the debris goes strait into the motor usually resulting in complete engine loss!

These kits are COMPLETE and BOLT IN! major components: Turbo, manifold, blow off valve, fuel controller, and all hardware to install it!


Josh West


Email: [email protected]



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we are going with 8 lbs of boost at this time, anything more than that is overkill without head porting and valve/cam work. we will be dynoing the one in the pics in the very near future. we are playing with cams and some other settings before we go to the dyno. i am trying to have all performance parts on hand so i can get dyno numbers on everything... and no it is not a stand alone ecm. it uses a fuel controller close to what you get from SB but mine is designed for boost...


No Limitz

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That is a great deal. I do alot of low speed crawling. How does this turbo package effect that? I don't want to lose the low end grunt I picked up from my SB fuel controller. I would love to see some video of some low rpm crawling and show off its high end pick up.

Also, do you have a package with an intercooler?

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