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  1. Frankie, Thanks for the info. I was able to get it at State Farm, nobody else would cover it. Thanks Glenn
  2. I have a 2009 Joyner Trooper T2 and I can't find any Insurance Company that will give me full coverage. Does any one know of a Insurance Company that will insure it ? Thanks
  3. I can't be the only one that has put their T-2 on its side. I was at Glamis following some Quads’ when crossing over Bowl to Bowl the sand was too soft and I lost speed too quick to turn down the hill. I came to a sudden stop and rolled on my side, my roof stop me from barrel rolling down to the bottom of the hill. The cage went into the sand almost to the center, my center mirror was half way under the sand. We had to side and turn it facing backwards down the hill and up right it. Motor oil was pouring out of the air cleaner. We pulled the plugs to make sure there wasn't a cylinder full of
  4. I had the same thing happen with my car, in 4th & 5th it would miss fire at 4000 rpm. But in 1st gear I could tach of 6000 rpm with no miss fire. I had some friends say it was the sparks plugs. I didn't think it was the plugs, they only had 30,000 miles on them. I change the plugs and wires and everything was fixed. Maybe this will help. Good luck
  5. Josh, How hard is it tuning in the fuel ? I hear others having trouble getting it right. I am ready to turbo my T-2 sounds like your kit is Complete.
  6. I had to put Limit Straps on the rear. No other mods. It raise the rear 1 1/2" and the front 2"
  7. We were at Glamis at the Sand Drags. It's not worth riding at the Imperial Dunes with out a helmet and going through what I did. We bought DOT Half Helmets. I have a friend that was cited for no Green Sticker. It was their kids Electric Jeep, like the Pink Barbie Jeep. I guess California needs our money.
  8. Over President’s Day Weekend I got stopped by the Rangers. First it was two Rangers by the time it was over there was 16 Rangers and 8 vehicles. They pulled me over for no helmet. I told them that I didn’t need one because I am 1100cc, but they didn’t see it my way. After arguing with them and threats of going to jail. I stood my ground and they called their super visor out and he agreed with me. He said that I didn’t need a helmet. I told him that I was going to get helmets so I wouldn’t be harassed anymore. He said that it wasn’t harassment, but I think that many Rangers was over kill.
  9. I put on Fox Shocks $ 1000, Coil Springs $ 300 from Off Road Warehouse with 1 free revalve. Fox Shox 2.0 X 6.5 Coil-over Remote Reservoir Shock Shaft: 5/8'' (.625) Finish: Black / Zinc Ext. Length: 19.35 Col. Length: 12.85 Reservoir: 2.0 X 8.0 Hose: -5 X 12.0 Mounting: 1/2 X 1.250 Fox Shox 2.0 X 8.5 Coil-over Remote Reservoir Shock Shaft: 5/8'' (.625) Finish: Black / Zinc Ext. Length: 23.35 Col. Length: 14.85 Reservoir: 2.0 X 8.0
  10. I got mine a Discount Tire. Vision has a good selections and price. Glenn
  11. Glad to hear that things are moving forward. Thanks for your fast service on my rear swing arms. Glenn
  12. Charlie I have a 2009 with 1200 miles on it, I thought that my tires were leaning a little in on top at 800 miles, but thought it would be ok. I do run my hard and fast. After a trip to Gordan Wells and a few hard runs a Test Hill I Twisted them a little more. It would be a good Idea to box in them to help from twisting them. Good Luck Glenn
  13. It's hard for someone to take over a company that has not given good service. Jose is gone and Frankie starting to make Silver Bullet a reliable business. I think it would be nice if you guys will give Frankie at Silver Bullet a chance to show that he will make good on orders. I bought 2 rear swing arms at a great price and S/H. Had them at my home in 4 days and at a good price.
  14. Try to twist back my left swing arm. Got it with in 1 degree, try for the last bit and had the bar that I was using dent the upper and lower tubing. I thought about repairing it, but went with buying two new swing arms. I got a good price from Silver Bullet. Frankie Got them to me in 4 Days after payment. Going to box the new ones. Also Lenny you were right on the 4x4 cable, was bad replaced the 2 front works great.

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