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Hello to utv board and all joyner owners and fans.My name is Frankie Gonzalez ,i have been a joyner owner for years.I have had my ups and down with parts but i still love my joyner.I have delt with team joyner in the past before they went out of buisness ,have purchased parts from Silverbulletmotorsports,Joyner USA and JMC.I have had good service from silverbulletmotorsports but lately not so good! I have been in the parts buisness for 8years.I worked out a deal with jose and have purchased silverbulletmotorsports.I am going to computerize parts so no more missing info.or lost orders.I will also bring a New phone system so i can answer all your calls,if i dont pick up leave a cell phone number and message and i will call you back in 24hrs or sooner.We are going to go over all our performance parts and update directions and ease of instalations.I will be open for buisness January 1,2013.I hope you will consider us as your parts Dealer for stock and performance parts.Give us a try you wont be sorry!

Thank you for your time! Frankie Gonzalez

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What about orders that where paid for and not shipped or received I ordered 2 diff kits for a trooper in nov.

I did make the diff kits for Jose. Last time he ordered, after I shipped, he reversed the PayPal payment. I did get my money after a bunch of emails. He also buys the steering upgrade kits from me. Guess he figured he better pay up or no more kits. I have decided to no longer produce the kits. I offered the manufacturing of the kits to Jose some time back. I would give him total exclusive rights to the kits which included tooling, manufacturing and required machining information, supply sources, and installation instruction files, all for $400. Didn't hear back. Now I know why. Unless someone takes over the kits, they will no longer be available. A person with a lathe can make real good money with them and without a lathe and having to hire the machining done, Ok money. I just have too much other stuff to do so i'm no longer interested. Anybody interested, PM me. I will continue to make the steering upgrades.


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Hi let me put this to rest.I am going to run my company the same as i have run other parts departmonts.I would not buy a company if i could not afford to buy inventory.At this time there will be only me and a shipper/ helper

If you have parts orded from the old silverbulletmotorsports you should try to get in touch with Jose.Please let me know ASAP so i can try to help you.Jose will only be hear till the 28 of Dec.I will run a profesinal busness as i have for years.Jose is going to run his father busness Rick been living in Mexico as far as i know.Lets try to move on this will be my company so judge silverbulletmotorsports from Jan. 1 when you will be dealing with me.

I hope this answers all your questions.

Try us out and let us know what you think!

Thank You! Silverbulletmotorsports

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Sounds good to me. Do you have a web page? Do you accept phone orders, purchases through Visa, etc? International shipping, or only to states? (I live in Panama)

We will be up and running Jan 2. 928 344 2117 Web site will be silverbulletmotorsports.net The Phone # will stay 928 344 2117

Same web site silverbulletmotorsports.net I now own all rights to name and web site.We will be up grading web site in the near future.

Look foward to talking to you.

Thanks Frankie

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