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Hisun Strike 250 complete electrical failure

Cody Brown

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Not sure how better to describe it other than no lights, head lights, dash lights, no cycling of fuel pump when the key is turned, no starter activity, etc.  checked all fuses in the fuse box under the driver seat (anyone know of any other fuses I might have missed?).  Hooked starter up directly to the battery for a split second and it cycled fine.  Same with the radiator fan.  This machine was running fine during a ride, and my son hit a bump, it died, and never came back.

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Sounds like a loose connection somewhere in your primary 12 volt supply or ground. Do you have a service manual with a circuit diagram and a good volt meter? I'd start at the battery, test for 12 volts from the positive terminal to a ground somewhere on the engine or frame. If you read 12 volts, your ground is probably OK. Then start testing from your battery ground to the ignition switch to see if you're getting 12 volts there. Someone with other ideas will hopefully chime in. You'll need a wiring diagram to check much further than that.

Looking at the diagram for my 550, it looks like the horn is hot all the time, yours may be also, does it work with the key off?

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