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  2. Rally at Mena Arkansas to support Wolf Pen Gap Trail system in Ouachita National Forest, Arkansas Good times, good folks and great food http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll15/diverboss/Poster.jpg http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll15/diverboss/reg20form.jpg
  3. I notice that most trail listings are at least a year old. Does anybody have any recent info on trails that are ranger friendly in the Phoenix area? Thanks in advance Diverboss and Mermaid
  4. Wheeler Geologic Monument is a natural formation of rocks and volcanic ash. To reach the trailhead, drive about 7 miles southeast of Creede on Colorado 149, then turn left on Pool Table Road, #600 and proceed about 10 miles to Hanson's Mill. The two-wheel drive road ends here. The 4WD road to Wheeler leaves from Hanson's Mill. It travels almost 14 miles. Expect close to 8 hours of driving time and plan 10 to allow for some exploring. The road is slow-going over a rough, roundabout and rutted route. Take advantage of that to enjoy the spectacular scenery. Near its end, it is narrow and twis
  5. Just stumbled across the utv website and looking forward to sharing some great tales, info, and rides

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