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2015 Kubota RTV 1140 CPX Headlight Switch Wiring

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I bought a used 1140CPX at an auction.  It was listed a INOP and when it arrived it was.  It runs like a top now and I’m trying to correct the next thing on the list: Lights.

Somewhere along the line, the headlight switch wiring connector was snipped off.  I only have a wire bundle leading to the hole where the headlight switch should be.  I bought a new switch and plan to just solder the wires in permanent.

The question for the forum: Can someone take a photo of what color wire goes to which pin?  I think that will be much quicker than finding the ground and then figuring out which is which.  If I know what to solder to where I’ll be able to drive at night again.  

One last question, what is the best way to add an LED light bar to the front and back and wire it in?

Thanks for the help,


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