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Wheels locking up Issues with 2017 Mahindra/Intimidator 1000 Crew Diesel

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I am having a hard time getting an issue diagnosed on my 2017 Mahindra 1000 Crew Diesel. Essentially what happens is you can drive it as normal for about 15 minutes at full speed. It will then slow down by itself to about 5 mph. Then all 4 wheels will lock up. It will intermittently still roll while in neutral but after a while the wheels will lock up again. If you let it sit for a while you can usually get it going again for about another 15 minutes. This happened two times in a row for us and then it wouldn't move at all. I took the CVT cover off (which was a complete PIA btw) and the belt was shredded. At this time I assumed that was the issue. I thought the first time it happened the belt may have just been slipping and then the second time it finally gave way completely. The belt was wrapped around the clutches pretty badly so I decided to take it to a local guy that fixes SxS. He replaced the belt and we assumed everything was ok. Picked it up and the exact same thing happened as before after a few minutes of driving it slowed down to about 5 mph and the wheels would intermittently lock in neutral while we tried to tow it back home. Got it back to the guy that replaced the belt and he admittedly told me he had never worked on this make. He thought it may be one of the clutches but they appear to be working. Anyone have any ideas on what the problem could be? 


To add a little context I bought this used from an individual. He told me everything worked great and it did when I test drove it (obviously not long enough I think I only drove it for like 10 minutes then loaded it on a trailer). This happened the first time after driving it the first 15 minutes from getting it home. 

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