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Joyner Wheels and Tires

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I have a full set(front and rear) of stock wheels and tires that came off my 09 trooper.Fronts are 27x8x14,rears are 27x11x14.they are in great shape and only have 9 miles on them.Make me an Offer.


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I just purchased a 2007 Sand Viper 1100 today and am not real sure of the specifications. Will these tires and wheels fit on my Sand Viper? The previous owner put on a set of "street tires" as he only rode from his house to the country club in his gated community. if the fit, how much do you want for the set of four?


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I never heard back from rick and found another set. I am keeping the ones I have so that I have one set with off-road tires and one set with sand tires.

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