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    • By strike250
      I have the factory service manual available for the Buck 400. Just send me a message with your email and I'll get it to you. Although there is no charge for this, it would be great if  you would visit my website where you could donate any amount to help do things like this with others who need it. Again, there is no charge for this manual, and no obligation to donate. But if you did, I would thank you for sure. Have fun on the trails. www.warriorsoffroad.com

    • By KelleyCat
      Just bought my first SxS UTV.  Curious about pros and cons of the various windshield designs.  Most of my riding will be in warm, dusty weather.  Sometimes overhanging brush.  After dark, lots of bugs.  Appreciate any help.
    • By Birddog1148
      So I guess my Coleman Outfitter is a rebadged Sector 550.  I am wondering what if anything others do to protect their winshi9elds when trailering.  I have a camp in Lake co Mi and I will be trailering it about 5 hrs each way from Sandusky Oh.  My bikes and quad don't have windshields so I never worried about it but I have seen others putting plywood or other covers over theirs.  FWIW the whole route is on paved roads.  Dirt starts 1/4 mile north of my camp.

    • By johnpeter
      2009 POLARIS RZR 800s w/FULL POLY CAB On Ebay

    • By farmerjohnky
      Hey. I recently got a used Polaris Ranger 570, and I’ve noticed if I let off the gas going down a hill, after about 5-10 seconds, it kicks out of gear or free wheels. Is this normal? It’s kind of annoying imo, since you have to hold your brake so much more. Also, is it bad to leave it in 2wd Diff Lock? I have turf mode, but like to keep it in diff lock because I climb some pretty steep hills frequently. Is it bad to engage/disengage diff lock/4wd while moving or in a pull? Thanks

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