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Dragon Fire Yamaha 700 New Products

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7 Map Race Controller

This controller has 7 base map settings, and allows the end user to run any of our pre-programmed settings, or calibrate their own fuel and ignition map. The controller has a 4500 RPM map for lower speed driving, and 8500 map for overall top speed. This is a 2000 RPM increase over [...]

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    • Speedo Calibrate

      So now that I have the seat belt extension problem solved, when I'm riding the UXV, I look at the speedometer and it shows a whopping 50mph  (not kph)....Sure doesnt feel like Im going that fast so I clocked it with a GPS.... At 40mph on the speedometer, I'm reading 35mph on the GPS.   At 50mph, Im reading 38mph... This shows that not only is the speedometer reading fast, (Read also putting mileage on the machine at an accelerated rate) but the degree of error changes with the different speeds... Calculation wise it reads 26% fast at 50mph(on Speedo) and 20% fast at 40mph (on Speedo). So, the question for the group is, How does one make the Speedo more accurate on these machines..... I have read all kinds of solutions- the most hilarious one I read was to go down to a sign shop and have them make little decals to change the numbers on a manual speedo....This one of course is digital..   I'm more interested in making the odometer more accurate as since they want you to do service work of some kind every 500 miles, it makes a lot of sense to at least get 500 miles between the service points- not an inflated mileage age...  

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    • Is there a way to increase speed on my alligator

      I have a 2014 massimo alligator and was wondering if anyone could tell me if it has a governor of some way to increase the speed for climbing hills?

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    • Kawasaki 4010 (Gas) Revs/Puleses at top speed.

      Not sure I'm explaining that right. but,.. I'll start with some history.  I bought the 4x4 4010 mule with a bad motor.  I built the engine.  Bottom end up.  Fresh bearings, Pistons, etc.  Cranks up and runs with no issues.  However,.. doesn't seem to run faster than 20 mph and pulses at top speed like something is up with the governor.  It feels like its cutting back.  Climbing and pulling it seems to be fine,. It pulls hard and doesn't cut up.  But on the road flat out  Cuts back/Chugs/pulses/Revs.  Not sure where to start. Kinda tired of thinking about it. Any Ideas? Just a mention, I'm not trying to make it faster, just fixed.  25mph it good by me.  Hell,... for my purposes I'm fine with 20 mph as long as its' running properly.

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    • Fuel Controller

      Thanks to Dedub for finding the info on this. So, looking at the info at Dobeck Performance you installl and adjust this controller--right? Its not plug and play. In order to get maximum performance from our individual machines won't we all have to do what Dedub did and take it to a dyno and adjust it?

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      What is the size of  transmission shaft on a trooper 09 5 speed

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