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09 trooper fuel filter part number


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Actually, that's is the correct number, the way they use it is to put a short piece of 5/16 or 3/8 on first, then slide the 1/2 over that and clamp it, that way the hose fits the fuel pump inlet. A; ;east, that's the way mine is. They also did the same trick where the oil from the air oil separator drains back into the pan on mine. I think the best fix is to get a 1/2 to 3/8 brass fitting and use that to match the two different sizes of hose fittings.


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I thought about it after I left to disneyland yeaterday and I posted that incorrectly, the inlet on the pump was large and the filter inlet was small with a large outlet.Pretty stupid,and goes against everything ever said about fuel system design. Normally you run 1 size larger on the inlet to the pump ,say -8 to the pump and -6 from pump to regulator,so as not to starve the pump and prevent cavatation (sp)

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Kinarfi is very right about using brass fittings you don't want a fuel leak or possibly air getting into the line. After talking to Lenny the other day I bought a racing type cannister fuel filter. The element is replaceble and not to expensive, the do come in many different sizes and basicly they are desinged for our type of application.

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