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Which UTV should I buy?

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I do not own one yet, but want advice on my purchase. I want a side x side that is quiet, will reach a top speed of at least 50 mph, and can primarily be used off road for my wife and I (older couple). The dealer in my area carries Yamaha, Polaris, Can Am and Artic Cat and can service same. I prefer a newer model (2010 to 1012) without all the bells and whistles. Dependability is also a big factor and I would like to carry it in my F150 short bed. I would really appreciate some advice from you experienced UTV ers. Thanks

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To be able to carry in the bed of your 150 limits the available SxS. The only one for sure that fits is the narrow version of the RZR and maybe the Rhino. If I was purchasing in today's market, I would look real hard at the Artic Cat WildCat, the Can Am and the RZR in that order. Of course this assumes $ available in the $12,000-19,000 range.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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