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Switch Indicator lights


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So I bought a new switch off E bay figuring hey I will have a backup switch if mine goes and I will get a new indicator light in the process cause mine was burned out....So........I put the new switch in to find out it was a blue bulb Dang...So not to worry second time I turned it on it went POOF!...SHit...So I decided to fix the light.....Here is what you need and some patience and skills and you will have it....Just remember the + side gets the resistor and make sure you put it back in the holder the correct way before you solder it or you will be doing it twice....They are a little bigger bulb. If you get a drill bit and just ream out the top a little it will be fine...





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All LEDs like this have this polarity
It really doesn't matter which side the resistor goes on and my suggestion is to make it easy on your self and put the resistor in the wire feeding the light instead of trying to bury in the holder and put some shrink tubing over it. you can even use the 30ma super bright LEDs or any color you can find.

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