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Rear Dif Teardown

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Had to tear down my rear dif and was wondering if anyone knows the exact bolt size length of the ring gear bolts.

I know it is a m8-1.0 thread pitch just not sure of length.

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looks like you may have got lucky...I can measure what we put in, in the AM...I know they can be longer than original and not interfere...we replace with a higher grade bolt larger head size and loctite,normally re-shim at the same time

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m8 x 1.0x 1"...seems weird to mix metric and standard measures...I think stock were 3/4"...1" stick thru a little but dont interfere

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Found the bolts I needed at Fastenal. 12 bolts was 8.44. This is a 10.9 grade bolt. Allen head bolt also. I'll reply with how they work out.

Bolt measurements are m8x1.0x16mm.

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