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  2. To be honest I don't really like the hood and usually do not have it on the machine. I have ran it with the hood and had no heating issues though. For appearances sake I'm thinking of cutting a small piece from the center rise of the good and placing it back on there.
  3. I remember you plumber. Yes I actually just installed the rear dif Thursday. I took it out today for the test drive. Done great so I'm guessing all is well again.
  4. I would probably be interested in one. Any more info on it? Price anything?
  5. Photo of my radiator relocated. I also should make note that it actually not the radiator that came from the machine. It's an aftermarket piece that is supposed to be used as an oil cooler. I added radiator hose to the original machine an installed this on the front. Have never had a cooling issue and it provides heat to the cab. Added fan also. Set up I toggle switch.
  6. Found the bolts I needed at Fastenal. 12 bolts was 8.44. This is a 10.9 grade bolt. Allen head bolt also. I'll reply with how they work out. Bolt measurements are m8x1.0x16mm.
  7. http://s1370.photobucket.com/user/katyellow1/embed/slideshow/Mobile%20Uploads Pictures of dif. Only thing broke was the bolts.
  8. Had to tear down my rear dif and was wondering if anyone knows the exact bolt size length of the ring gear bolts. I know it is a m8-1.0 thread pitch just not sure of length.
  9. Something to consider if you move the radiator is the larger size of the heater hose. Mine had an inch inner diameter hose on the machine. Hard to find locally. I actually got mine from a caterpillar dealer. I can get you a part number for that if you need it also.
  10. Recently added another radiator to the front of my trooper will post pictures and can get dimensions of the cooler if your interested!
  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. Got mine at McCoy motorsports in pikeville, ky. Great service and have never had any trouble getting parts or warranty problems even when its been my own fault! http://www.tobefast.com (606)4321556
  13. Well thanks for the interest in the buggy and I live in Mingo County to be more specific a little town called Varney. I'm not sure how far that would be from you but anytime you want to make the drive your more than welcome to check it out...well after I get it fixed...LOL. Don't let the break scare you from getting one of these though they are excellent and if I had more sense I wouldn't have broken mine in the first place...I'll check how far it is to you and me and the wife may come your way if you know somewhere to ride...gottalove getting out of the house on weekends! I'm not exacly sure
  14. Well it finally happened...lol. Something broke! To be more a little more specific the front driveshaft twisted in two pieces while leaving a mud hole. Also took out some plastic panels on the left side of the gear shift. All in all not to big of a deal however I did get to tell the weakest link in this scenario goodbye. So I was wondering if anyone could help me on determining if the front diveshaft should turn all the time or if only when the 4 wheel drive is engaged...as I think i may have a problem with the electric selector. I hope to have the video up soon if anyone would be interested i
  15. I couldnt figure out how to get the pictures on this site so i posted them on webshots...got pictures up of the 09 camo trooper with the 30 inch mudlites in my profile...still waiting on my hard enclosure

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