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  1. It was my understanding that JMC was never able to secure the "distributership" of Joyner vehicles, and ended up being basically a dealer. When all was said and done, Joyner USA, as of late, was owned and operated by "Joyner China" All that being said, JMC was and is my go to supplier for Joyner parts. They had more "Necessary" parts in-stock than Joyner USA.
  2. If I'm not mistaken, Casey is at JMC Motors, not Joyner USA!
  3. Petersen..... sent you an e-mail & PM.... I have 1 upgraded CV style drive line left! 775-753-8223
  4. most CVT type trans systems loose about 60% through the belt drive system... some better some worse. This is where the so called "clutch kits" get improvements!
  5. I know this isn't the classified section, but does have the most traffic. I have a brand new set of Hard doors from Joyner to fit a Renegade. Includes all the mounting hardware! These are regularly $800 would let them go for $500 pus freight. A
  6. Does anybody know if Garth and the boys are getting things moving????????????? A.
  7. I've been trying to get ahold of Lenny for 3 wks. PM's not working, and no responce w/ e-mail. I need to see about diff upgrade kits. Thanks PM's don't see to be working for me at all..... anybody else having this problem???? ADMIN?????
  8. Sorry.... what I meant was that "Joyner", as a distributer should not sell direct to the public. They should establish a stong dealer network and support them, just as the major brands do. Dealer only parts and sales. This would create stong dealers and a better product in the end. A.
  9. This is 1/2 the problem..... they shouldn't be selling direct to the public. They should be supporting their dealers! Without a strong dealer network, they will never be a contender, which is bad for the end user!
  10. Like many other dealers, I'm extremely disappointed in the service we have recieved from the new distributers! I know they have alot on their plate, but I've waited over 4mo. to get parts..... and they still are not here. NOW they contact me and want me to purchase new units???????????????? Not sure which path I will follow, but I will still provide as much support to forum members and my customers as I can! I sure wish I had the support of the distributer behind "ME" instead of me supporting them ! A.
  11. anyone know how to get ahold of "Lenny" ??? Looking for diff upgrade kits, and can't seem to send him a PM, andd no response on e-mail? Thanks A.
  12. 80-90w what ever your favorite brand is A.

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