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WHAT, no one know how to get to old messages? I sure don't.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

Where it says "Signed in as rocmoc", there is an arrow that you can click. There you will see a link to messages...or go to this link: http://www.utvboard.com/messenger.html

PM are now actual conversations...this is new with the update. Works similar to a forum topic.

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    • By Nypto
      Moved to the Big Bend area. Too many people where I came from...just got moved out, too much traffic, noises, smells, and crime. Civilization pushed me out. 
      Went to Vietnam in  1968. After 3 months, caught a round in my left knee. Laying in a med cot, a mortar hit near me , messed up the rest of me. All in one day. Those little people tried to kill me??? Sure glad when I went back to the states
      Went back to school, got a job with Dresser Atlas, a wireline service. As a Formation test engineer, I took samples from zones downhole.
      My Military  injuries got the best of me in '85. I had both shoulders replaced, my knee replaced, of course, and plates and screws in my lower back. 
      Several pieces of shrapnel removed from my gut.
      But....I'm here. I purchased a Hisun Sector 750 to use as my legs out here in the desert.  I Bought 160 acres but because of my injuries I have only had the use of the area where I am building a home.
      The Hisun allows me to go to areas that I thought were out of reach.
      My nearest neighbor is 2 1/2 miles away.
      My hobbies are , hunting for indian artifacts, Fossil hunting, and shooting guns. As you can guess, I don't hunt live things anymore.
      This Hisun allows me to do all of the things I thought were lost to me.
    • By scottkkk
      Hi Guys i need your help. what is the black yellow and blue wire for?  black for ground? what is the yellow and blue for?

    • By Woody
      Thanks for the add. Renli 1500
      with VW 20V 1.8 turbo engine.
      bought it like this, ton of fun to drive. Crazy fast!
    • By dKurmudgeon
      Hi All,
      I am considering acquiring a used 2018 Textron Stampede, with about 600 hours, but need a little advice.  The person selling it is asking $8400.  The engine and transmission seem fine but it needs a bushing replaced and new rear door latch sets.  Any idea what the the stated repairs might cost.  Just looking for ballpark guesses.  I'd do the work myself but I'm partially disabled, so a bit limited.  My home borders on BLM land in northern Nevada, so a sxs 4 seater is kind of a must have. for visiting family and friends.
      Any advice will be appreciated.
    • By snook540
      New to UTV world but rode motocross and short enduros on 2 strokes. Have a 2019 Honda Pioneer 700-4 that I love. Looking for some questions regarding witch vs come along and some heavy duty brake options that I will post on the tech forum. Glad to get back in the mud world at 61!
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