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Front Drive Shaft & 4 Wheel Drive Operation Questions


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Well it finally happened...lol. Something broke! To be more a little more specific the front driveshaft twisted in two pieces while leaving a mud hole. Also took out some plastic panels on the left side of the gear shift. All in all not to big of a deal however I did get to tell the weakest link in this scenario goodbye. So I was wondering if anyone could help me on determining if the front diveshaft should turn all the time or if only when the 4 wheel drive is engaged...as I think i may have a problem with the electric selector. I hope to have the video up soon if anyone would be interested in seeing how it was broke...but on to a more important note! I should have pictures of the damage up soon!

Any thoughts on a snorkel system...Something with an air box surrounding in would be nice!

Has anyone had stronger driveshafts made for these yet or am I the only one that breaks these things...lol?

Thanks for any help in advance and I guess we live and learn where to play and not to play...lol!

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I had some Shop Vac hose and tubes laying around and decided to try something and look what I did. I'm not too sure if I'm finished with it yet, but what I have will do the trick, if you want the filter above the bar, you'll need to use more of the hose or add another tube and maybe another support. My support is bungy cord, seen best in photo 20081020_7. I started the engine and revved it up a few times, but couldn't hear anything from the filter. I like it!!

2261773910104110397ZTItcW_th.jpg 2884155420104110397fCkKcQ_th.jpg

All my photos are at http://community.webshots.com/user/kinarfi :rolleyes:

I would recommend the VT2507 7' Hose and the VT2508 Extension Wand, stick the pliable end of the hose into the wand, mount filter on other end of the wand and cut the hose to length, it's easy to cut twice to get the length you need and very hard to uncut. :lol:


http://www.ridgidparts.com/accessories/VT2507.phtml HOPE These Links Work.


This is working good for me and it doesn't look too bad or cost too much.

I would like to see so pictures of your drive line, any idea of what caused it to break?


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What part of WV are you in??? I have been checking the Troopers out on the internet, but can't find anyone close to go look one over. I live up in the panhandle in New Martinsville and would like to come and check yours out.

Well thanks for the interest in the buggy and I live in Mingo County to be more specific a little town called Varney. I'm not sure how far that would be from you but anytime you want to make the drive your more than welcome to check it out...well after I get it fixed...LOL. Don't let the break scare you from getting one of these though they are excellent and if I had more sense I wouldn't have broken mine in the first place...I'll check how far it is to you and me and the wife may come your way if you know somewhere to ride...gottalove getting out of the house on weekends!

I'm not exacly sure why it broke I was hopeing to get the video of it to see if I could tell when it happened! Maybe someone will stick it on YouTube soon...LOL.

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