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we have a scan tool that will access the chery computer ,on the older troopers it requires "backpinning" into the harness, newer troopers have an obd II plug tucked in behind the seat...alltho we can read most parameters,to my knowledge there is nothing we can change...read only and erase..as for "tuning",we install a tempory wide band air fuel gauge and o2 sensor,and sometimes tie in to the factory narrow band to adjust fuel controller after making any other mods to intake,snokel,exaust etc...we have installed air restriction guage into intake tubes,snorkels etc to give an idea how much flow/restriction been added or taken away,but only real "tuning"once intake exaust etc are designed and installed on a non turbo stock engine trooper we would usually do is fuel pressure and fuel controller...just my 3 cents...Hardy

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I dont see any real benefit to hooking up a scan tool.however wide band fuel ratio can help with tuning your programmer...every machine is a little different,particularly if you ve changed your intake,exaust,snokled etc...getting your trooper enough fuel,without over fueling it can really make a difference from the "1 size fits all" standard setting on the controller,or just guessing/tuning with the seat of the pants performance meter... once you ve tested/adjusted your fuel controller I would normally remove the air fuel gauge and o2 (put a plug in the bung for later)...and keep for tuning if you do other changes down the road...just my 3cents...Hardy

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