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2009 Trooper front diff (need parts)


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I need a ring (32 tooth) and pinion (15 tooth) for the front diff of a trooper. If anyone has some and are willing to sell please contact me.

Got in a tug of war contest a few weeks ago. Broke a few teeth. Yes I know it was dumb, but I had to shut these razor 1000 guys up, and I did. Won the whole deal!

If anyone is interested, the video is on YouTube.

'Joyner trooper vs Polaris razor 1000"

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I can't get the parts anywhere, wound up ordering a new diff from Joyner USA. I'm gonna try and have someone grind me a ring and pinion for it. I can tell you that this one will be shimed, welded, loctite, upgraded hardware and whatever else. Hahahah. I'm gonna start looking for a little 4 wheel independent suspension SUV to alter and put under the trooper. I'm open for suggestions.

As far the tug of war contest, that Polaris was absolutely thrashing everyone. When they were hooking me up one of the event workers were poking fun at me. He said, I see you have a K&N filter there and started laughing, I just nodded my head. Needless to say no one was laughing when I took off with his ass! Hahaha

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