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2001 Kawasaki 3010 -can't remove front drive shaft - seems stuck on pinion splines???


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I just bought a 2001 Kawasaki 3010 4WD (620KAF E), & I need to remove the 2-piece propeller shaft.

I removed the center bearing block & the rear section of the drive shaft pulled easily off the splined shaft of the transmission. But - I can't get the front section of the drive shaft to slip off the spline shaft from the front differential. I see no retainers or clips that need to be removed in the parts book. Just can't figure it out.

Could the drive shaft splines be frozen onto the front pinion shaft?

If so, does anyone have any advice on how to free it up???? I have an acetylene torch, but don't want to damage aluminum or rubber seals which are close by.

Any advice appreciated!!!

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