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2006 Mule 610 drive belt gets wet in floorboard deep water


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I went into a puddle that just came over the floor boards and had to pull my UTV out with a rope because the drive belt started slipping. I know that the drive belt is in an enclosure that is vented and should not have allowed water in unless it came in against the pressure of the ventilation air being discharged or I have a cracked drive belt housing. My question is does anyone know of an aftermarket vent add-on for this housing that will vent at some point higher than the wheels. It seems to me that having the discharge point for the ventilation at the bottom of the engine (see attached image) is inviting this kind of problem. I know that there is a vent/drain on the bottom of the housing (indicated by the "A" on the image) to drain any water that might get in but I would like to lower the possibility of water entering the belt area.



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