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RickyChuck posted that he had broken the rear diff in his T2. I posted that I had a rear diff for sale and he replied that he wanted it and left his ph# to call him to set up a deal. I called him to get the details arranged and we agreed to the sale. I would send him the diff and he would send the money. He received the diff on 3/3/16 but never paid for it. After several attempts at calling him and leaving messages he never called back. I have made several deals with other members and they have always been problem free, there was never a need to go thru pay pal or anything else to make sure nobody tried to screw the other guy. So he got the rear diff for free and I am out $200.00 for the diff and $60.00 for shipping. I am writing this to let everyone know about it and so nobody will have a dealings with the jerk in the future. I don't know if this will stay in my post but his name is Ricky Masterson out of Waco, Tx. He already posted his phone number on his post about the rear diff., If you want his home address PM me and I'll give it to you.

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I hope is a misunderstanding .. and that he gets back to you and settles up...as much as I like to trust fellow members,Ive learned (on dootalk not here) that there are many dishonest peeps out there...I still do cash/e pay of some sort before I will send anything...also at $200 for a rear diff,that was almost a gift already...Hardy

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      I've got rolling resistance when i jack up the front wheels. Months ago i thought i was possibly a brake issue but didn't yet have the equip. to pull the wheel hubs or press them back on... but the noise/friction seemed to resolve itself. I just checked up on it because i've got the tools for dealing with the brake system now and i noticed the wheels dont really spin... theres a lot of resistance and i can hear it coming from the front diff. I can't remember if it used to do that before, but i dont think it did. Its not the drive shaft or u-joints, but i've yet to pull them to be certain. it really sounds like its in the front diff. just where the drive shaft connects.
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      I'm in over my head and really hoping someone can help. I'll try to make a video of whats happening, hopefully the sound will come through well. Maybe that will help diagnose it. Thanks.
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