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Driving with the hand brake on

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I went for a ride the other day, just an easy slow poke putt, but i didn't notice the hand brake was on, after a few miles, I noticed I was losing power, so I stepped on the gas, no difference, then I down shifted, OK power, what's that smell, ahh damn, brakes on.

I had already had problems with this before in my '08 and added a sensor to tell me when the brake handle was NOT all the way down, so I decided that it was such a good idea, I needed to do it to my '15 also. It's a pretty easy thing to do & I recommend it to all. When I talked to Brandon at Joyner to order a new brake line, he said he had seen it many times. I took a handful of photos, added some text to explain them and put them in my google drive, here's the link if you would like to see what happened. The switch I used is a Hall Effect transistor, a reed switch could be used also, but I don't like them because I have had some bad luck with them and broke 2 of them before I went with the Hall Effect trasistor.


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Lol, my wife did this to the point that the brakes caught on fire. I had to replace the rear calipers.

My solution was to remove wife from drivers seat. I haven't had any issues since!

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Putting in the light works better for me, I'm the one that keeps doing it, but having the light works great, I also have a tendency with my disabilities to hit the gas and brake at the same time, and since the light works with either brake system, it works great for me.

Ready to go to Moab yet?????

I am!!

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