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We are a German company operating from the coastal City of Qingdao, we specialize in light and heavy engineering and Chines and Japanese engines for medium size drones applications.

Recently we acquired a contract to manufacture for a German sweeping company a specific type of electric utility vehicle. Whist sourcing parts in China for the mentioned electric vehicle, it comes to my attention that in fact most if not all the parts are available in China for UTV either 2WD or 4WD for middle or rear engine configurations.

Looking at the available UTVs on the international market, perhaps there is a niche that we could fit in at the right price. The question is always what the prospective customer would look in before he decides on what UTV would fulfill his requirements.

It is HP you guys are looking for or comfort and of course total reliability and a given weight, I would appreciate your cooperation in helping us to decide which way to go.



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Oh,very sorry no harm intended. This board has served us right; the first post was answered by a Chines supplier and we will take it from there. Still , would be interest to know the riders preference what would be the right set up. We have to companies operating from China subaruair and the other one is  CSSC Technical Products



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