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New Joyners UTV/Sand Rails for SALE!! *HOLIDAY SPECIALS*


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Joyner is continuing to grow! We are located in Phoenix, AZ in our new 40,000 square foot building. We have over 300+ units in stock at any given time. We also have the largest parts inventory on hand that we have ever had. Our buying power has significantly increased and we are now able to offer the units at incredibly low prices. We believe that we have the "best bang for you buck" buggy out there and I'm sure you will agree. Visit our website http://www.joyner-usa.com or call us with any questions you may have. Thank you!

Sand Viper 1100cc MSRP $11,000 NOW $9,000

Renegade R2 1100cc MSRP $12,500 NOW $10,000
Renegade R4 1100cc MSRP $13,500 NOW $11,000

Trooper T2 1100cc MSRP $12,500 NOW $10,000
Trooper T4 1100cc MSRP $13,500 NOW $11,000


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Any questions? How about what are the gear ratios in the manual tranny of our trooper 1100's?

I called several weeks ago and was told a technician would call me back. I never heard back.

What are Joyners plans for the future? You need to update your product. I suggest mo powa, more suspension and lighten things up. Look into the 1500cc engine Renli put in there buggy and go bigger and better! KEEP JOYNER RELEVANT

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I'm glad that you asked. I have recently received my shipment of them and have over 200 in stock. Please call us directly if you have any parts needs. I have not heard from you at all I believe you were dealing with Silverbullet.

I also double checked on your order for the hub and we shipped this last week for Silverbullet. Please call me if you have issues or haven't received you part. Thank you.

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