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1997 Mule 2510

Pappy Pale

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That sounds like a trick situation to be in.  Last year I had to do some work on the dump bed pump on the Mule 2510 I operate at work.  I was able to lift the bed using the pump and to use a gantry crane to support the bed in suspension and detach the bed from the piston.  However if you can't lift the bed up to get the needed access to detach the piston from the bed itself, then you may have to go through the process of removing the bed from the vehicle entirely?  If you can manage to detach the piston from the bed then you should be able to lift the front end of the bed up.  Sorry I don't have a very clear response for you, but I hope you are able to figure something out!  

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Thanks for the comeback! I can get the bed up with combination manual and someone else on the switch. Didn't think of detaching bed to see if piston operates without weight of bed. Will try. Also going to change fluid and see if old fluid being tired is the problem, if not may need new pump. Thanks again

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