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2018 KYMCO Hunter Edition ATV and UTVs Unveiled


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For 2018 KYMCO USA has introduced its new Hunter Edition family of off-road vehicles, which consists of three models – the UXV 450i LE Hunter, UXV 700i LE Hunter and MXU 700i LE Hunter.

We’ve seen all of these machines before with the Hunter Edition branding, so they’re not exactly all new. However, what is new is KYMCO offering packages for its ATVs and UTVs specifically for hunters. ATVs and UTVs are a common sight at most hunt camps, so it’s not surprising to see KYMCO turning its attention to this market. Having an ATV or UTV on hand to haul out a hog or a deer, or just carry supplies to set up a food plot can be hugely helpful.

So what do the Hunter Edition vehicles have to offer? Let’s have a look.

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