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Buckyandrose Waller

Need help can’t figure out what kind of side by side I have

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The first letter "L" says it's made in China.  The 10th character "7" says it's a 2007 year model.  It is the 126th of however many they made.  Online searches on this VIN don't decode most Chinese made vehicles.  I found images that has this info linked to it:

It's a 300cc model MC-152.  Brand name: BODE.

Here's a link that I found:  http://bodevehicle.sookuu.com/product/xHMQ/New-300cc-UTV-with-EEC-MC152.htm

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It was manufactured  in China but is no longer in production. I sold several and am still getting spare parts direct from China from CHONGQING TECHNOLOGY DEVLOPMENT CO LTD. They know it as Model XY300.

Contact Gordon email [email protected] He is very helpful.

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