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Speedo Calibrate


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So now that I have the seat belt extension problem solved, when I'm riding the UXV, I look at the speedometer and it shows a whopping 50mph  (not kph)....Sure doesnt feel like Im going that fast so I clocked it with a GPS....

At 40mph on the speedometer, I'm reading 35mph on the GPS.   At 50mph, Im reading 38mph... This shows that not only is the speedometer reading fast, (Read also putting mileage on the machine at an accelerated rate) but the degree of error changes with the different speeds... Calculation wise it reads 26% fast at 50mph(on Speedo) and 20% fast at 40mph (on Speedo). So, the question for the group is, How does one make the Speedo more accurate on these machines..... I have read all kinds of solutions- the most hilarious one I read was to go down to a sign shop and have them make little decals to change the numbers on a manual speedo....This one of course is digital..   I'm more interested in making the odometer more accurate as since they want you to do service work of some kind every 500 miles, it makes a lot of sense to at least get 500 miles between the service points- not an inflated mileage age...


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So I spoke with the dealer, who contacted Kymco-USA...  I guess there was some back and forth between them, as the dealer decided to try another 700i LE that he had on the lot. Everything the same as mine, with the same speedo error results. We checked speedo speed with my GPS and also with the GPS feature on one of the mechanic's smart phone. The smart phone and my GPS matched perfectly. The speedo in the Kymco, not so much. ..... My dealer is going to investigate further with Kymco USA, as it seems that the error is almost exactly the same on all the units.  Looks like Kymco has a design problem. It will be interesting to see if they want to own it, or ignore it.....  

Patiently waiting......




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Computer programming error.  I have to admit that I know nothing about the Kymco, but some digital speed systems count the time between  pulses sent to the computer by the wheel speed sensor.  My guess is that the computer is doing the math incorrectly that displays the vehicle speed.  Does your odometer read exactly 1 mile for each mile driven or 1km for each 1km driven?  If so, then it's only the speed reading that is in error. Does the odometer have the same error at the different speeds? Then it might be a computer programming error.

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