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Lets get started--better introductions


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Hi All

Lets get started with better introductions, and unfortunatelly for you I'll start. My name is Tom and my wife is Becky and we have a grandson living with us named Jacob. I have a 07 Rhino 660, my wife a Bruin 350 and Jacob a Grizzly 80.We live in Rapid City SD near the Black Hills UTV Rally(hope everyone is coming) By my sign in you might think I think I'm really hot with my Rhino. No not really as I'm just a beginner in offroading. I guess I go by sizzler as a sort of sick sense of humor as you see last July I was involvedin a fire and got burned 85%. So any help with the Rhino will be appreciated. Now how about some names and stories from others. It's not that hard, Lets get this going .


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