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2019 Coleman Utv 550 outfitter

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Lol I figured it out for some reason I was not getting power to the fuze box so I jumped it and everything turned on so I took some heavy duty wire and ran it from the power side of the key.       !/ the on position wire !/switch so know when I turn the key everything works ! Dont try this if u dont know what your doing cause u can cause damage just so u know ! Hope this helps some one ! 

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Have a 2019 Coleman Outfitter 550.    Just shut down while driving.   Finding that when pushing on the brake pedal it blows the F8 fuse so it will not start back up.   Tracked ALL wires and find nothing.   Will startup with a new fuse but hit the brake and its done?  Changed all the relays and still the same thing going on.   Anyone have any ideas.   Only have 30hrs on this unit.   Coleman has been NO HELP at all.

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