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New Teryx Winshield from HunterWorks.com

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teryxwindshield_ezr2.jpg New unbreakable and uncrackable material, same great coating.

I will tell you why you should consider it.

Reason 1:

We found a company that makes windshields for NASCAR and they have a proprietary chemical they flow onto Acrylic or Polycarbonate and then bake it on and the result is the MOST scratch resistant windshield next to glass which is very break prone.

Any other windshield out there requires special cleaners and special rags because they scratch so easy. You can use gas and steel wool on ours to clean it, it doesn't hurt it.

As a matter of fact we took a piece of steel wool and ran it under a windshield wiper on the windshield for three straight days and no scratches. Try that with the others!!

People ask, "Can you scratch it?", yes you can with a screwdriver or something but not with dirt on a rag or cloth like the others out there.

Reason 2:

With any other windshield including the half windshields dust is a big problem because of the vacuum created behind the windshield as you travel. Ours has a vent all the way across you can open on warmer days and allow the air to flow thru upsetting the vacuum therefore cutting down on dust.

Reason 3:

All windshields including half windshields are hot in the summer, on ours just open the vent up by loosening the four knobs on the vent and slide it open to let the air flow thru all the while protecting your face

Reason 4:

Our windshield is fully trailerable with no worry about bowing the windshield since we have the two pieces of aluminum angle to give it support.

Reason 5:

Our windshield is by far the clearest windshield available next to glass, see the photo below taken from inside the cab.

Reason 6:

Now with new material it won't break or crack, see our video.

Windshield Test Video

Price: $363.95

More details: http://www.hunterworks.com/inc/sdetail/30695

Website: http://www.hunterworks.com/

UTV Industry News

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