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    • By Steve B
      My "R" light on the dash will not go out when I take the UTV out of reverse and put it into any other gear. Is this just the light switch issue or will this effect engine performance in the other gears?
    • By TBoss 560 2023
      Got a new 2023 TBoss 560 with 40 miles on it now. Noticed after about and hour of plowing snow coolant started hissing out the overflow tube. Initially made a pop or blow kind of noise and then saw some steam and smelt coolant. Coolent level is in the middle between low and high (running or not). Coolant under radiator cap is full when cold, appears nice and green. Checked oil doesn’t look milky. The temp ranges from 160-180 F running for 15-20. Noticed the other day there was some more coolant that blew out the overflow tube. I called the dealer and they said the system could be purging air. Dealer is 2+ hours away so wanting to get more thoughts before considering to bring it in. Also noticing hot/burning rubber smell but I think this is from the belt breaking in? Also notice the coolant smell from the exhaust when in higher RPMs. No white smoke from the exhaust. Also another possible issue. I notice that there’s a little bounce when on pavement. You can also hear the CVT kind of make noise with this bounce in tandem. Is this normal?
    • By Wolfpaak
      Pink Floyd quote/reference.
      i am looking for a starter for my 2004 800 Renegade and apparently the place I dealt with before is no longer in business. Any help?
      Thanks in advance,

    • By Kenbaz
      Well, the subject says it all!  After the motor stopped, I went out and bought gas and filled the tank.  Tried to start and it just cranked - no fire. I assumed I had spark, because nothing changed there. I pulled the plug and could not smell gas. The plug was dry. Put it back in and tried to flood it by piumping the pedal, but it was still dry when I  took out again. 
         The gas gage red fuel lights didn't seem to recognize that I filled the tank (see previous fuel Haugen posts).  Disconnected and reconnected the negative battery terminal hoping it would reset any interlocks that might be set. Now the ignition panel will not light up when ignition turned to "On".  Things are getting worse instead of better!  Have the fuse panel open, will check fuses tomorrow. Can anyone help me get back on track?  No shop here in Tucson will work on it!  Nice unit. But you're on your own for maintenence. Thanks for any help!
    • By Chad comeaux
      I have a 2014 polaris ranger 570
       As soon as you turn on the key fuel starts to come out the exhaust and air filter. I have replaced the fuel injector but that did not help. If you try to start fuel stars to poor out the exhaust.  Any help would be appreciated. 
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