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Cub cadet challenger 750 crew starting issue


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I have an issue with my sector crew 750

 2017 EFI

Starter engages and spins but does not turn the engine over. Does this mean a bad starter clutch. The starter is new. I started the pull of the cover where the starter clutch is located but cannot get to the back bottom bolts.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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I just ordered a starter clutch kit from motorcycle DR. I have the old one off and it was loose and teeth on the clutch were ground down. I also ordered a charging upgrade kit to go from 250 watts to 750! Woot woot. I will post some picks! I also replaced and relocated the oil cooling lines between the engine and clutch with race quality heat resistant lines with stainless braid over them. The old ones were leaking from cheap clamps and in a stop they could not be tightened from. I also put a silicone pan heater under the crank case to heat the oil during cold Northern MN days. There is that bubble foil insulation under the pad with high temp silicone holding it together.

from. 091424407ac6c73bf1fffe29830d12a6.jpg9dabe87f54bf5684876fd98108b02ee2.jpg

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