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SSV Works announces release of RZR under dash SUB Box

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We’re pleased to let you know you can start this season off with bumpin bass in your gen 1-3 RZR.

Your receiving this email because you asked us to let you know when RZR sub enclosures were available.

We now offer a complete bolt in ‘No Cutting Required’ 10” sub box with proper air space in addition [...]

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    • By David Owens
      Ok here is what I have I think it is a Hisun, or at least that is what others have told me.  I have no spark at the plug so I have replaced the coil, the wire, the plug, the regulator, and I have the crank shaft position sensor (have a question about that thing.)  So on one side I of the coil the white black I have solid 12, but on the other side I have 0.  Chased the wire back to the solenoid and when plugged in have 12 until you turn key to start then it drops to 0, so wondering if there is a break in the blue black from the solenoid to the coil, will run a test on that later this week.  But I have ordered a new solenoid because I do not think it should drop to 0 when the key is turned either should push it 12 on both side if it works like most.  So the question is what is going on and what am I missing here?  Any ideas?  The next question is where does the crank shaft position sensor go?  None of the books I have show where it goes and I have hunted all over that engine and can not find the silly thing.  So please help?
    • By johnpeter

    • By Cujomike
      Just purchased a Coleman UTV 400.  Drove off trailer and parked with no issues. Put some gas in the tank, and went to use it, and it beeps when shifting into F or R. The parking brake light may be on, and not sure fuel gauge is working. I’ve ensure the brake is releasing, and I put 5 gallons in, so I’m baffled. Are one of these the issues or does something else cause the beeping?
    • By CYJSP2009
      Hello Everyone
      Brand new Joyner  CV AXLES are waiting to be unloaded at LA port and then be sent to warehouses in  Charleston, TN ,   BALTIMORE, MD  and Groveport, OH. Estimate they will be available for shipments to end customers in about 2-3 weeks. 
      These CV AXLES  are ordered in February this year and now it is middle July.  Very long time to get these parts.  Qty for each model is not big. Detail as below: 
      S/N                  Part No.                                       Description                    Charleston, TN     BALTIMORE, MD       Groveport,  OH        Total
      1            D650.            650 Sand Spider Rear left              3                                     2                                           3                                   8
      2            S650.             650 Commando Rear                       7                                     6                                          10                                23
      3            TR1100.       TR1100 Front                                      3                                     3                                            4                                  10
      4            D650.           650 Sand Spider Rear Right          3                                     2                                           4                                    9
      5            S800.    800 R2/4 Rear Shaft                         4                                     4                                            6                                  14
      6            TR1100.     TR1100 Rear                                          6                                    5                                             9                                  20
      7            S650.            650 Commando Front Left            3                                    3                                             4                                   10
      8            S650.            650 Commando Front Right         3                                   3                                             4                                    10
      Below items are also available.  These items can be shipped in days
      1. 800 Renegade R2/R4 Front outer cage  ---  5 pieces   
      2. 800 Viper SV1100 Drive shaft rear Left outer cage --- 5 pieces
      3.  800 Viper SV1100 Drive shaft rear left inner cage --- 3 pieces
      CV BOOT:
      1.    650 Commando Left Front / 650 Commando Right Front /650 Sand Spider Rear Left / 650 Sand Spider Rear right /  OUT CAGE            2 pieces                  
      2.    650 Commando Rear OUT CAGE              1 pieces                    
      3    Trooper Front / Trooper Rear / 800 R2 R4 Rear  OUT CAGE        2  pieces                   
      4    650 Commando Left Front / 650 Commando Right Front  INNER CAGE          1 pieces                    
      5    650 Sand Spider Rear Left /  650 Sand Spider Rear right INNER CAGE            1 pieces                    
      6    650 Commando Rear INNER CAGE           1 pieces                    
      7    Trooper Front / Trooper Rear / 800 R2 R4 Rear  OUT CAGE  INNER CAGE            2 pieces                    
      Anyone who need above items please contact me at  [email protected]  Thanks. 
      Other Joyner items needed, you can also contact me and I will try to help. 
      Have good day
      Casey / Leaf Asia 

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